Say NO to Cruel Cosmetics!

BUAV, the wonderful organization behind No Cruel Cosmetics and Go Cruelty Free has been circulating a petition to say no to cruel cosmetics in Europe. Many celebrities have gotten on board to sign the petition, including one I am extra thrilled about. If you know anything about me, it’s that I love Morrissey. Well, he has signed the petition, and here’s what he had to say..

Morrissey said, “Say no to injecting, force-feeding or forcing animals to inhale substances for a new lipstick or shampoo. Please join me in signing the BUAV No Cruel Cosmetics petition to stop the sale of new animal tested cosmetics in the EU.”

So, whether you’re a Morrissey fan, an animal lover, or just want to make the world a better place, sign the No Cruel Cosmetics petition right away!

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  1. eileen pryer says:

    I did not realise so many cosmetic companies still did animal testing and I am ashamed. Companies should print boldly that they do not do it and I and many others will happily and conscientiously buy them instead whatever the extra cost

  2. rosangela says:

    stop animal cruelty

  3. tate says:

    stop animal cruelty

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