Melisser Elliott isn’t your average beauty junkie, as an agency represented makeup artist in the fashion industry for 10 years, she has honed her craft and is now bringing her knowledge to the masses. Her work has been seen in the pages of Vanity Fair, Rolling Stone, People, and GQ, on TLC’s “What Not to Wear”, and the runways of New York, Los Angeles, and San Francisco.

Her love for animals led her to go vegan and eschew all beauty products tested on animals and with animal ingredients, meaning a huge makeup kit revamp! Unable to find the information she desired to built a cruelty free makeup kit fit for a professional, she embarked on a journey emailing companies and testing cosmetics (on humans!) to find the perfect products. Whether you’re an animal lover looking to be cruelty free, a professional wanting a vegan kit, or a regular makeup maniac;  Cruelty Free Face is your resource for compassionate cosmetics without animal testing or animal ingredients!

Melisser is also the author of the book The Vegan Girl’s Guide to Life and the voice behind award winning blog The Urban Housewife. When she’s not applying makeup or writing, she is hanging out with her pint sized pup Strummer.

Contact Melisser at melisser@crueltyfreeface.com.

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